Welcome to Start My Gainesville Business …

… a website dedicated to helping you start a business in Gainesville, Florida.

If you want follow your passion, learn about yourself and grow as a person, starting and running your business is a wonderful way to do it. Start My Gainesville Business wants to help you turn your dreams into reality. Following the steps below will give you the best possible footing on this fabulous journey.

every time someone goes into business for themselves, an angel gets their wings . . . .

 RESEARCH Your Business  This section helps you research and evaluate what you need to know about starting your business. Starting a business is such an exciting and exhilarating idea that many people open their business before they do the necessary research and preparation. Passion and excitement can work miracles, inspire ideas and creativity, solve problems when the situation seems hopeless, and keep you going when you are exhausted beyond words. But right now, in the beginning stage of following your dream, use your passion and excitement to prepare! Ensure your success through research and preparation so you can share your passion and excitement with your customers, family and community for many years to come.

 DECIDE Important Start Up Issues  Once you complete your research, you’ll be faced with many irreversible and critical decisions. And some of these decisions will need to be made before others. This section will take you through each decision sequentially and provide help in the decision-making process.

 REGISTER Your Business  Now that you have researched and made your decisions, you need to register your business with all governing and taxing authorities – federal, state, county and city. This section provides specific instructions on the registrations you need to sequentially complete based on the corporate structure you chose in the Decision Phase. On Opening Day, you want the confidence of knowing you’ve set up your business correctly and are on an even playing field with your competition. Don’t sabotage a great idea or product by not complying with laws and regulations.

PREPARE for Opening Day  Once you complete the steps above, Opening Day will be the start of a brand new and exciting journey. Find ideas and checklists to make Opening Day one to remember.

MAINTAIN and Keep Your Business Alive  This section provides tips, information and reminders of the best practices you want to keep in place after you start your business. Day-to-day in your business can be hectic and time-consuming. You’ll often think you don’t have time to follow best practices or stay organized. But if you have the right systems and advisors in place, you can keep your commitment to yourself to stay organized, comply with government regulations and avoid unnecessary crises. This will allow you to stay focused on your customers, employees and sales.