10 Ways How Not Having Enough Money Helps You

  1. Money keeps you stupid because it allows you to do stupid things with no painful consequences.
  2. When you need money, you are forced to look at your customer pricing correctly. You’re less likely to give your services or product away… Continue reading

How Obsessively Checking My Email Has Improved My Life

I’m in my seventh year of making a living as a service provider and have always struggled with email. Until now. I check email constantly and deal with the email immediately. I act on it, delegate it, put it on… Continue reading

They Call Me The Working Man, I Guess That’s What I Am or How To Deal With People Who Say You Work Too Much

by Stephanie G. Travis

Canadian rock band Rush, in concert in Milan, Italy.



I hate when people say this to me! It’s judgmental and makes absolutely no sense. What is “too much?” There’s a hidden message in their… Continue reading

You Say You Want a Revolution or 11 Reasons Why Owning Your Business is a Revolution

by Stephanie G. Travis

rev·o·lu·tion  /ˌrevəˈlo͞oSHən/  a sudden, complete or marked change in something

1. You do not have to pay employees only what the government or what the market dictates.You can pay them more and treat them better than minimum standards.

2. As a business… Continue reading

Another One Bites the Dust or 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

by Stephanie G. Travis

# 1 Your Ego Writes Checks That Your Business Can’t Cash

Starting and owning a business produces a special high and invites you to believe crazy things your ego says. To keep the high going and… Continue reading

50 Reasons Why I Love Owning My Business

  1. I wake up without an alarm clock.
  2. I get all the glory and all the blame.  It’s simpler this way.
  3. I can work from home.
  4. I have pride in my company.
  5. I can take 2 hours… Continue reading

That Was Easy

by Stephanie G. Travis

Have you ever dreaded a work task or project? Then procrastinated? Then your brain decided getting it done was going to be excruciating? Then you did the work because you had to? Then, after it was… Continue reading

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart, Now, Baby or How Being a Business Owner Made Me a Better Customer

by Stephanie G. Travis

I can never look at another business or business owner the same. Not after owning and being one. And the paradox is that I’m more understanding and empathetic while more incredulous and critical at the same… Continue reading

It’s Go Time!

by Stephanie G. Travis

Welcome to Start My Gainesville Business!