Decide on a Location & Mailing Address

DecideDecide on a Location & Mailing Address

Now is the time to decide on your business location. If you will be renting, following are tips regarding business leases.

  • Make sure the person signing the lease has the legal rights to lease the property.
  • If dealing with a property management company, continue to be diligent about all matters. Also, check the references of the management company.
  • Beware that an owner can still rent to you if the property is in foreclosure. A realtor can help you research this.
  • The base rent is not always the total cost. There is always state sales tax and sometimes other fees like owner association dues, property insurance, air conditioner filter fees, etc.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • Even if you are in compliance with the zoning of the leased property, make sure your lease’s Use Clause fits your business needs.
  • If you want to limit the competition where you are leasing, ask for an Exclusive Use Clause where you will be the only company that can conduct your type of business or sell your type of merchandise in the building.
  • You landlord may ask you to carry certain types of insurance or insurance in certain amounts.
  • Google this subject and read all relevant articles as there are too many issues to cover here.

You also need to decide on a mailing address, and you may not want your mailing address to be the same as your physical business location for the following reasons.

  • You will be moving from your physical location in less than two years.
  • Your physical mail box is not secure.
  • You don’t want employees seeing the mail you receive.
  • You receive customer payments in the mail and want to receive payments in a different location for internal control purposes.
WARNING:  Do not use your home address as a business mailing address. Many government agencies and private companies make your business mailing address public.

If decide your mailing address should be at a different address than your business, then you can get a US Post Office box or rent a box from a private company. There are also services that will receive your mail and scan it for you – Google “mail forwarding services.” You can use these services for certain pieces of mail.

You can reserve a post office box in Gainesville here:  US Post Office Reserve a PO Box

At this writing, I could find only one private PO box service company in Gainesville. If you know of other companies, let me know and I’ll pay you a $10 finder’s fee.