Decide on a Business Name

DecideDecide on a Business Name

Consider these tips and issues when deciding on your business name.

Note for sole proprietors:  If you are going to operate your business as a sole proprietor, your legal business name consists of your first and last name and a “DBA” if you choose to have one. A “DBA” means “doing business as,” and it’s a registered name associated with your sole proprietorship. You are required to obtain a DBA only if you plan to advertise your business or refer to your business in printed materials using a name different than your first and last name.

  • Have a party of trusted friends and family and brainstorm. Write down ALL suggestions.
  • Available Facebook fanpage names, Twitter names and Google Plus business page names.
  • Consider the web domain and email address implications. Available? Too long? Too complicated?
  • Research name under all categories at the Florida Corporations website.  Choose “Inquire by Name” under each category on this web page.
  • Google your name choices extensively to see if they’re being used by anyone else or if they’re similar to something negative on the Internet.
  • Do you want an abstract name that serves as a clean slate?
  • Do you want your name to inform so people know immediately what your business is?
  • If you choose an abstract name, what does it mean in other languages?
  • If you choose a descriptive name, don’t pigeon-hole your business.
  • It should be memorable but easy to spell.
  • It should be easy to say and not a tongue twister when used in a telephone greeting or when spoken.
  • Consider a name in which the letters create a visual element.
  • Make sure the words used have positive meanings.
  • Less is more.
  • When heard by others in conversation or on the phone, it should be easy to understand and intuitive to spell.
  • Make sure you are not infringing on a trademark.  See this article:  How to Obtain a Domain Name that Does Not Infringe on a Trademark
  • The name should avoid implied associations with competitors or any other company.
  • Test it out on Google Adwords.  Use the “find keywords” on Google Adwords and see what other similar terms come up along with how many searches each are getting.
  • Consider if your business name can be used as a verb.  For example, “Google” is now a verb due the company’s success.

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