Do I need to register a Fictitious Name?

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There are two reasons to apply for a Fictitious Name:

Florida Department of State Division of Corporations

1. Because it is required – See this FAQ at the State of Florida’s website regarding requirements.  In general, if you do business as or use a name different than your legal, registered business name in advertisements or other printed materials, you need to file for a Fictitious Name. This requirement most likely applies when a business organizes as a sole proprietorship because a sole proprietorship’s legal name is the first and last name of the owner. Most sole proprietorships want to do business as and advertise using a business name and not the owner’s name.

2.  For marketing reasons – you may have one corporation but want to advertise and “do business as” (DBA) under unique names to market different revenue centers of your corporation. For example, One Source Accounting LLC offers a unique bookkeeping package called Clear Reports. A new corporation is not needed for the Clear Reports business, but the corporation wants to protect the use of the name and wants to advertise using the name Clear Reports.