“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge


You are ready to prepare for Opening Day! The check list below may contain several items you do not need, and remember that many successful businesses were started on less. Give your new business what it deserves and do not take short cuts with insurance and financial preparations.

General Tips for Opening Day

  • If your business is retail, consider having extra personnel on hand to cover unexpected problems or high sales volume.  Also, prepare staff to come in early and stay late in the first few days.
  • Realize that mistakes and problems unique to being a new business will happen on Opening Day and in the first three months of business. Most of the problems will either 1) cost you money and/or waste product or 2) result in an unhappy customer.
    • Be mentally and emotionally prepared for these events, and don’t let them throw you off your game. Adopt an attitude of thankfulness because knowledge of mistakes and problems is an opportunity to improve your business model.
    • You, a manager or staff member should monitor problems by making a log and detailed description of what happened. This way you won’t forget and can revisit the issue after the craziness of the business day is over.
    • Think ahead and outline of what specific discounts, coupons or gestures you will offer to customers should mistakes happen.
    • Formulate a communication channel with your staff should customers experience poor service. Tell staff what to say and do, what gestures they are allowed to offer and what issues should be handled by you or management.
  • Make sure all staff are trained, can use the cash registers and know about the products and services.
  • Make sure your inventory is priced and organized.
  • Research marketing ideas and plans for an Opening Day such as invitations, give-aways, and complimentary food and drink.