Sole Proprietor Registrations

RegisterSole Proprietor Registrations

Registration is the 3rd phase of starting your business. Make sure you have completed the Research and Decision Phases before registering for anything below.

1. Obtain a post office box and business address as you’ll need this for the registrations below. Although you don’t yet have your corporate documents, most PO box providers only require your name. After you establish your business with the following registrations, you can go back to your PO box provider and establish the box in your business name. See the listing of local PO box providers at our page:  Decide on a Location & Mailing Address

2. Obtain a state DBPR license if your business activity is required to be licensed by the State of Florida.

3. Obtain an FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number).

4. Register for any State taxes that may apply, including State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) if you will have employees or State Sales & Use Tax if you will be selling taxable goods or services.

5. Apply for a Fictitious Name if you will do business, advertise or refer to your business in printed materials using a name other than your first and last name.

6. Obtain applicable City of Gainesville licenses if your business is located in the Gainesville city limits.

  • Obtain a City Business License – the City of Gainesville does not make its City Business License available online. They require that you apply in person at The Thomas Center, Building B, 306 NE 6th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601. You can reach them via telephone at 352-334-5024. This application process will also address any zoning issues your business may have.
  • Obtain a City Home Business Permit if you will be using your home for business activities.
  • Obtain any City special permits if needed.
  • Obtain a Landlord Permit if needed.

7. Obtain applicable Alachua County licenses if your business is located outside of the Gainesville city limits but inside Alachua County.

8. Open a business bank account.