What services and equipment will I need?

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Consider all the equipment and supplies you need to get into place before you can sell your product or services. Make a comprehensive list of these items then research availability and pricing.


Computers and Software

Point of sale software
Computer hardware
Software or hardware unique to your industry and services



Office Furniture and Equipment

Desks, tables, chairs, office decorations
Office kitchen refrigerator, coffee maker
Corporate cell phones
Land line telephone equipment
Postage meter
Credit card terminal
Equipment and tools unique to your industry


Business Supplies

Kitchen supplies (plates, cups, napkins, snacks)
Office supplies
Business cards and stationary
Checks and deposit slips for your bank account
Forms – customer receipts, invoices, work orders or sales tickets


Business Services

Landline and long distance telephone
Cell phone carrier
Human resource or personnel service
Merchant service (for processing customer credit card payments)
Bank account
Paypal account
Payroll service
Bookkeeping service
Printing service for business cards, brochures, marketing materials
Website design

Facility Services and Signs

Commercial trash, grease or hazardous waste removal
Electric, water, gas
Cable TV
Pest control
Laundry or linen service
Outdoor and indoor signs