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Thorough research and confirmation of your research is important so there are no surprises with regards to where your business will be located. 

If your business location will be located within the city limits of Gainesville, then you’ll work with the City of Gainesville for zoning. If your business is located outside of the city limits, you’ll work Alachua County.

City of GainesvilleCity of Gainesville Resources & Information

Gainesville’s Zoning Compliance Permit

Find out about Gainesville’s Innovation Zones, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Map of Gainesville’s Innovation Zones

Find out about Gainesville’s Enterprise Zones.  This website below explains the concept, provides a map of the zones, and lets you look up an address to see if it’s in the zones.  Here is a map of the Gainesville Enterprise Zones.

City of Gainesville Home Business Permit Info

Contact Info for City of Gainesville Zoning and Codes Enforcement

Planning & Zoning

Head: Ralph Hilliard
Reports To: Planning and Development Services
Phone: 334-5023
Fax: 334-3259
Address: P.O. Box 490, Station 12, 32627-0490
Location: Thomas Center B
Email: COGPlanning@cityofgainesville.org
Website: http://www.cityofgainesville.org/PlanningDepartment.aspx
Services: The Planning Division works with four citizen review boards appointed by the City Commission, in addition to various ad hoc groups and neighborhood organizations.

Code Enforcement

Head: Chris Cooper (interim)
Reports To: Asst. City Manager
Phone: 334-5030
Fax: 334-2239
Address: P.O. Box 490, Station 10A, 32627-0490
Location: Thomas Center B
Email: codes@cityofgainesville.org
Website: http://www.cityofgainesville.org/CodeEnforcement.aspx
Services: Responsible for enforcing compliance with the city’s Code of Ordinances including the zoning code, minimum housing code, commercial buildings code, hazardous/perilous land ordinance and abandoned vehicles.


Alachua County Resources and Information

County’s rules on home-based businesses (click the Home-Based Business square link)

County’s Unified Development Code

Impact Fees Information

Contact Info for Alachua County Zoning

Growth Management

10 SW 2nd Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601
  • General Information
    (352) 374-5249
  • Building Code Enforcement & Zoning Administration
    (352) 374-5243
  • Housing Program
    (352) 264-7013