You Say You Want a Revolution or 11 Reasons Why Owning Your Business is a Revolution

by Stephanie G. Travis

rev·o·lu·tion  /ˌrevəˈlo͞oSHən/  a sudden, complete or marked change in something

1. You do not have to pay employees only what the government or what the market dictates.You can pay them more and treat them better than minimum standards.

2. As a business owner, politics and laws relating to businesses affect you in a direct and different way. You have to find a personal balance with political issues affecting individuals and businesses (who often have opposing needs and agendas) and vote accordingly.

3. Your ability to accumulate wealth markedly increases.

4. You no longer answer to a boss or supervisor.You answer directly to customers.Your customers now sign your paychecks.

5. The cost of mistakes you make from wasting photocopy paper to overdrawing the bank account comes directly out of your pocket and no longer gets absorbed by “the company.”

You Say You Want a Revolution

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6. Your personal reputation, integrity and character matter more than ever.

7. Your sense of humor, how you speak, how you dress and how you deal with stress leads the culture of an entire organization.

8. You now own your company’s intellectual property. You can share your knowledge and expertise with others to help and empower them.

9. You decide how big or small your company will be.

10. You can use your money to influence the behavior of others from bonuses paid to employees for green or healthy habits to discounts given to customers for choosing a greener product or way to do business.

11. The buck stops with you. Always. No matter what.